If you are struggling to finish a manuscript, or just have an idea for a book,but don’t have the time, or the necessary skills to actually write it, Dennel can help you!

Dennel has an amazing ability to empathize with anyone and can help you turn your own words into a book; possessing excellent vocabulary, spelling and grammar skills, she will help shape your story into an exciting and fun-to-read adventure.  Time depends on the length of the final manuscript; Dennel takes great pride in her honesty and integrity and will keep track of actual hours spent on your project, sending updates to you after each working period.  You can cancel these services at any time you feel the cost exceeds your expectations for work being produced.

Our ghostwriting service can spruce up even the dullest of writing.  With many years of writing experience, as well as Dennel’s creativity and imagination,your idea will come to life!  So, if you are located near Fort Worth, TX and are in need of ghostwriting service, we would love to help.  We guarantee your satisfaction.

Dennel also offers verbal assistance with book-writing; if you are struggling to put words on paper, or have an incomplete manuscript you need help finishing, or just spruced up to inspire, she can help!

Contact Dennel, directly, using the form below; cost is dependent upon hours spent working, so this service is charged at an hourly rate of $20 per hour.

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