About the Author (I’m the little one)

Dennel B Tyon has been an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church for the past fifteen years, but she feels God ordained her long ago… always followed by animals, or sought out by injured kritters, young Dennel raised and released many wild birds, provided homes for lost and cats and unlicensed medical care if needed.  Read further to hear, in Dennel’s own words, what she has planned for the future!


I’ve integrated several different “operations” into one: I have run a non-profit animal rescue for years; I am also an ordained minister of non-denominational faith (NOT religious)… spiritually awakened. My adult/YA books will appeal to believers AND SKEPTICS alike; children’s books are fun as well as educational. PROCEEDS FROM SALES go directly to the ministry/animal rescue. I’ve also been running two YouTube Channels for the past year; slow start, but growing subscribers (50+ videos on each channel/ cute animals, mental health advice & spiritual motivation) and developing large playlists… both set for monetization as soon as they reach 100 subscribers. Will be selling t-shirts, etc./ supported by Patreon channel. Have numerous other websites, web pages, and social media profiles; posting and backlinking often to every site possible. Also have a Microsoft Affiliate website; launched, November 2017. Working on dissertation for Doctorate in Psychology/Pastoral Counseling.

Marketing Agent LitFire Publishing launched a PRESS RELEASE on December 1, 2017 of A Letter to Heaven, Part 1, ‘The Loss’; guaranteed to headline in 500,000 articles and on over 5,000 websites… 3 week post-launch report showed release had already headlined in apx 200,000 journals/market reports and that more than 3,000 people had actually READ the article; article will remain visible/circulating the Internet. My books are listed on Amazon, as well as Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores; AVAILABLE NOW in paperback and ebook. Possible best-seller; 4-pt series novel, educational kids books & more to come: kids, YA & adult novels.

Published 2 yrs/ sold maybe 12 paperback copies and 28 or so ebook versions of ALtH; TiTW I Brush My Teeth has been published 1 yr/ sold 9 paperbacks and a dozen or so ebook versions. NEW CUSTOMERS expected immediately – may be selling more now (see Press Release info below). Product is ‘books’ (usage currently unknown); novel is $10.99 for paperback/$2.99 ebook – children’s book is $21.99 (fully color-illustrated/educational) and ebook is $6.99, I believe. Amazon, Barnes & Noble “big name” distributors. Only 1 review per book so far; 5 stars/ impressive reviews though. MORE BOOKS TO COME!

All social media connections listed on AngelList and Gravatar; long-term vision is to open a sliding-scale Spiritual Wellness & Mental Health Fitness Center, of which the animal rescue will be a therapeutic part.

“Product”: Novels, short stories, children’s books, poetry & more! Here to plant a seed of doubt; how to find the middle-ground between evangelism and atheism – spirituality – not religiosity. For Belivers and skeptics alike. 4-volume series, A Letter to Heaven recounts a journey which tested faith; instructional how-to for children and MUCH MORE to come in the future.


My daughter and I run the animal rescue together; she shares in my vision for the future – the Spiritual Wellness Center / community. Kasey is currently seeking her real estate license to enable us to find and negotiate the purchase of a large amount of acreage to build on; she is also a woodworker/apprentice electrician and I know how to build houses, lay tile, brick, plumbing, etc. We choose to work together because we work well together & share the same passion & dream for the future; to help others.


I’ve always taken care of animals; God made it a mission of mine. I feel that I am also supposed to take care of people however I can (and open my door to all who need shelter); we hope to provide emergency shelter within ‘the Center’ and low-income housing on the property for those in need. The Center isn’t intended for profit, but I’m building several means of passive income (book sales, affiliate sales, YouTube, etc) and plan to personally invest in this project; honestly, I believe I was called by God to do it.


I guess, aside from the publication of my books, my most impressive accomplishment to date is returning to school at the age of 44, receiving a Bachelors degree in Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Forensic Psychology and now being 20 just months away from receiving my Doctorate degree in Psychology/Pastoral Community Counseling (I will be 55 years old when I graduate). My Dean said I hold a special place in her heart and she is so proud of me, she wants to be the one to “hood” me at graduation!  Smile ;-).

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