A Letter to Heaven, Part 1 ‘The Loss’

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*A Letter to Heaven, the series, began as therapeutic journaling after the death of my only sister LeDon.  (See “About A Letter to Heaven, 1”)  PRESS RELEASE 2017

Living with Terrorism



A Ryder rental van ran over 25 people in Toronto today. Shoes and hats lie scattered on the ground from the 9 dead and 16 injured in this incident. The area is taped off and being investigated now. The van still sits on the sidewalk as they look for the driver; one person is in custody.   They say this investigation is going to take several days; lots of witnesses and surveillance cameras.   Witnesses say the van was swerving, trying to hit as many people as possible. Likely terrorist-related, having all the “ear-marks”; police are now searching for a ‘cell’ in Toronto.



This morning, a young white man, armed with another assault rifle, entered a Waffle House in Nashville, TN and killed 7 people. The suspect, a Ryan King…? Has been arrested before and had his weapons taken away; handed over to his father, his father gave the guns back to his son. The father may also face charges now too.   They think it may have been Jihadist inspired; a terror attack. A young black man is being haled a hero, for stopping any further killing and chasing the gunman out of the restaurant. The man was captured in a nearby neighborhood.

A Letter to Heaven, Part 2: The Struggle

Part 2 takes its readers on a difficult journey, as Dennel struggles to keep the pieces of her life together after the death of her only sister, LeDon…

Still learning how to walk again, Dennel experiences one harsh lesson after another; will this roller coaster ride ever end?

PREVIEW & REVIEW here: Chapter 1 Preview; ALtH2

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This Is the Way I Brush My Teeth


This Is the Way I Brush My Teeth is a fully-illustrated, fun-to-read, toothbrushing instruction manual for children; written in prose to make listening and reading more enjoyable, this storybook provides details for proper brushing techniques to help children develop healthy oral cleaning habits that will last them a lifetime!

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Read this book to your little one before it’s even time for them to start learning to brush their own teeth; enjoy it as a bedtime story to allow your child’s memory to absorb every word, and encourage them to read it on their own when they are able! The rhymes will play in their head while they go through the motions almost automatically. Receiving POSITIVE FEEDBACK from dentists already.

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