Living with Terrorism



A Ryder rental van ran over 25 people in Toronto today. Shoes and hats lie scattered on the ground from the 9 dead and 16 injured in this incident. The area is taped off and being investigated now. The van still sits on the sidewalk as they look for the driver; one person is in custody.   They say this investigation is going to take several days; lots of witnesses and surveillance cameras.   Witnesses say the van was swerving, trying to hit as many people as possible. Likely terrorist-related, having all the “ear-marks”; police are now searching for a ‘cell’ in Toronto.



This morning, a young white man, armed with another assault rifle, entered a Waffle House in Nashville, TN and killed 7 people. The suspect, a Ryan King…? Has been arrested before and had his weapons taken away; handed over to his father, his father gave the guns back to his son. The father may also face charges now too.   They think it may have been Jihadist inspired; a terror attack. A young black man is being haled a hero, for stopping any further killing and chasing the gunman out of the restaurant. The man was captured in a nearby neighborhood.

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